Stara Kapela


A village that never ceases to amaze! We invite you to stay at one of the following accommodation facilities:
Tunjina kuća
Tucina kuća
Stričev grunt
Pavina kuća.

Whichever facility you choose, you won’t regret it. The amicable hosts will welcome you and make you feel as though you’ve known each other your whole lives. The rustic accommodation is becoming more popular today because it perfectly exemplifies the beauty of the Slavonian countryside. The soothing greenery, along with the absence of a mobile phone signal, will provide much-needed tranquillity in the hectic and stressful environment of today. Abandon your day-to-day routine and visit Stara Kapela.

ADRESA: Stara Kapela, Stara Kapela
TELEFON: +385 98 467 878
WEB: Stara Kapela


Stupnički Dvori

You will encounter a colourful, verdant, authentic and rustic oasis as you make your way to the Stupnički Dvori hotel. Jaw-dropping scenery that you will want to wake up to every morning is waiting for you when you visit Dvori and surrender to the charms of the region in which the hotel is situated. The tour of the hotel isn’t complete without a glass of wine of your choice, after which you should unwind some more at the hotel’s spa centre.




ADRESA: Vinogradska cesta 65, Brodski Stupnik
TELEFON: +385 91 440 0561
WEB: Stupnički Dvori




Kuća za odmor Margetić

Franjo Margetić, the host at the Margetić holiday home in Živike, which he runs by himself, is living proof that hard work pays off. You will be overwhelmed by the amount of attention this host gives to his little slice of heaven. If you choose to stay at the Margetić holiday home, you will immediately feel as though you’ve lived here your entire life because of the host’s individualised approach and the wonderful atmosphere that cannot be expressed in words. Wholly recommended!

ADRESA: Živike 8b, Živike
TELEFON: +385 95 726 4170


Seoski turizam Kereković


This small Slavonian kingdom is situated in the village of Živike. A recipient of a slew of awards for his work, a person who endeavours to provide and show his visitors the best that the Slavonian countryside has to offer and an advocate for all things local will always greet you like a close friend and give you a ride in his Slavonian carriage or boat if you wish. The Slavonian accommodation is the cherry on top of a day bursting with activities at the Kereković tourist family farm.

ADRESA: Živike 22, Živike
TELEFON: +385 99 764 0387
WEB: Turizam Kereković


Croatia cottage


If you’re looking for peace and tranquillity, Croatia Cottage in Nova Kapela is the perfect place for you. Relax in the company of wonderful and approachable hosts who will allow you to recharge, prepare yourself and rest before tackling life’s challenges.


ADRESA: Vladimira Nazora 79h, Nova Kapela
TELEFON: +385 91619 5111


Lovački dom Radinje


Hunting enthusiasts can visit the Radinje facility at the eponymous hunting ground, which is located in Siče. The hunting services guarantee an adrenaline-packed holiday, enhanced with accommodation in Radinje that is tailored-made for hunting tourism. We invite you to try it out!

ADRESA: Radinje, Siče
TELEFON: +385 99 803 7029


Jana house


Nature and man become one in harmony at the Jana holiday house in Oriovac. The awe-inspiring view, which extends from your hillside accommodation or the pool while swimming and sipping homemade aronia liqueur, will delight your senses. We recommend that you embark on your Slavonian adventure by including the Jana Holiday House.

ADRESA: Augusta Cesarca 43, Oriovac
TELEFON: +385 98 983 9863
FB: Jana House Oriovac


Villa Melani


The motto of Villa Melani is – details make a difference. This accommodation facility embodies the perfect fusion of the rustic and modernity, complemented with details that perfectly blend in with its interior and exterior. The villa is located on the Oriovac hill and gives you everything you need for a first-rate holiday.

ADRESA: Vinogradska cesta 56, Oriovac
TELEFON: +385 91 907 0960
FB: Villa Melani


Ribarska kuća


If you’re looking for a combination of the perfect gastro offering and accommodation where you can rest after a hearty and extraordinarily delicious meal, then Ribarska Kuća is the perfect place for you. Sit back and try the fish specialities and the wine that pairs perfectly, after which you can get comfortable upstairs.

ADRESA: Petra Zrinskog bb, Brodski Stupnik
TELEFON: +385 95 382 0681


Sobe Beketić


The Beketić rooms, which provide the perfect accommodation for holidays and recharging after a day of activities, are located in the very heart of this area. They will lure you in with the scent of lunch/dinner, which you can have downstairs. Doesn’t that sound tempting? A tasty Slavonian meal following an activity-packed wine tour, after which you can fall asleep with a full stomach and an empty mind.

ADRESA: Orljavska 37, Lužani
TELEFON: +385 98 977 5114
WEB: Buffet Pizzeria Bonaca

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