There are several bike trails through Meridiana Slavonica:

  • Orljava trail – 33,5 km
  • Sava embankment and the Slavonian Plain – cca. 7,5 km
  • Four Chapels – 6 km
  • Nova Kapela Circle Route – cca.26 km
  • Stara Kapela Eco-Folk Village – 8 km.

The total length of the bike trails through Meridiana Slavonica is 81 km. The more challenging routes, some of which are located in the hilly area, can be quite a test for cycling enthusiasts.


Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and fishing in Meridiana Slavonica is a perfect option for anyone who likes their holiday packed with activities! The Radinje hunting ground allows you to enjoy the allure of hunting, with prices available at the following link:

This is an incredible terrain with a wide range of wild game. Professionals who feel right at home and will walk you through all the particulars of hunting and accommodation at the Radinje Hunting Lodge and will have you raving about this holiday for days.

Should you opt for fishing, then you’re in the right place since you can do that at the fishpond, the lake in Oriovac and Lake Žavnjača in Nova Kapela.

Price list:
Gačić fishpond (Oriovac) – HRK 30.00 per day
Čaplja (Oriovac), Žavnjača (Nova Kapela):
-1 day = HRK 100.00
-3 days = HRK 250.00
-7 days = HRK 370.00


Horseback riding

A one-of-a-kind experience involving horses – intelligent animals that are the perfect match for people and their temperament. If you would like to ride a horse, this service is available at the Stupnički Dvori hotel.

The carriages are always ready and the horses are harnessed, waiting just for you. Waiting to take you on a ride, so that you can experience all the benefits of life in Slavonia as the wind blows through your hair and you take in the views and sights of the Slavonian countryside and the warmth of the hosts. The carriage ride is an additional amenity at the Kereković Tourist Family Farm.

The wine hotel, wineries and wine farms bolster the reputation of this area as Meridiana Slavonica’s best ambassadors. Aren’t you tempted to visit and treat yourself to a glass or two of their fine wines?




The Frikovi Paintball and Airsoft Club was founded in 2015 in Nova Kapela by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to play and promote paintball. Initially, the club had to obtain the equipment and set up a course, which they were able to do that same year thanks to the hard work and determination of the members and supporters. The club has been a success ever since. It boasts a steady number of around 50 active members and a growing fanbase. The members host tournaments, social events, games and attend events organised by other associations, paintball-related and otherwise. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an increasing demand for airsoft and the club expanded in 2021. The members obtained the equipment and the club branched out in that direction as well. The paintball and airsoft club currently uses the course in Batrina where you can play and try out paintball and airsoft.

ADRESA: Cerje 2, Batrina
TELEFON: +385 91 118 9800




If you want to fill your holiday with activities, hiking across Meridiana Slavonica is the perfect option – professionals and experts who are familiar with the hill region will happily guide you through the hills of Meridiana Slavonica. Along the way, they will introduce you to all the highlights of this destination and after hiking, you can savour dishes made from locally sourced produce and wines delivered directly from the vineyards, orchards and fields of Meridiana Slavonica.


The Sava River


Brod-Posavina County and Meridiana Slavonica bear the symbolic monikers of the Guardians of Nature, Guardians of Heritage and Guardians of Flavours. They are derived from the main characteristics of this region and the location of the county along the Sava River, which is a natural border shared by Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, whence Slavonia and the rest of Croatia were guarded. The Sava is constantly developing as a tourist destination, with the Sava Beach party taking place in Slavonski Kobaš in the summer. Or why not go for a swim in Pričac, if you’re in the mood for that kind of holiday.

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