OPG Prpić


The distillery within OPG Prpić is located at Kralja Tomislava 30, Nova Kapela. It is a family business that produces homemade plum brandy, and it is made in the traditional way. During the season of plum picking and brandy roasting, you can see how brandy is made in the traditional way.



Stara Kapela Eco-Folk Village


Stara Kapela is a village tucked between the hillsides of Požeška Gora. There is no mobile phone signal here due to its unique location. It is perfect for taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle.

Lushly verdant and unspoiled, Stara Kapela provides a much-needed respite in a place where it doesn’t matter who or what you are. The highly amiable hosts are always glad to entertain you sumptuously by offering the very best accommodation, food and beverages, all of which are locally authentic.

Its storied history has shaped the settlement into what it is today, with some of the locals noticing and taking advantage of the tourism potential by opening the Stara Kapela Eco-Folk Village, which has proved a valuable endeavour that is definitely worth the effort. The site is a magnet for TV producers as a shooting location and it is often featured in music videos and reality shows that air on TV.


Pavletić Theme Park

Arteco is an association that makes a variety of sculptures from a range of natural materials, mostly grape vines. Their work is showcased at the theme park in Malino, a part of the Pavletić family farm, where you will also find a picnic site and a commercial gallery. The uniquely crafted sculptures are drawing droves of visitors. If this piques your interest, make sure to visit their website.



This destination abounds in greenery, which is one of the main tourist draws, especially when it comes to vineyards. The breathtaking vineyards, which extend as far as the eye can see and never cease to amaze with their authenticity, are reminiscent of the wine regions in France, Italy etc. The premium wines produced in these vineyards owe their exquisiteness to the beneficial terroir.

The wine hotel, wineries and wine farms bolster the reputation of this area as Meridiana Slavonica’s best ambassadors. Aren’t you tempted to visit and treat yourself to a glass or two of their fine wines?


Vila Galerija


Villa Galerija is unlike any other building of its kind in this part of Europe. It was built in the Art Nouveau style, ostensibly in the late 19th century, since no records of its construction exist. After being abandoned and dilapidated for years, it has been restored to its former glory after a recent renovation. The owners of the family farm that renovated the villa grow medicinal plants and herbs there for the specific purpose of making herbal drops, teas and a multitude of creams. They also plan to open a herbal pharmacy, a restaurant and a shrine.


Turkish fountain



In 1617, the Ottomans erected Fort Surduk above Oriovac, with the Turkish fountain being the only remnant. This rectangular brick fountain has a serrated cornice with a pyramid-shaped cap. It is a protected cultural monument and one of only a handful of preserved monuments from the period of Ottoman rule in Slavonia. The Turkish fountain is located in a gorgeous park in the centre of Oriovac, which is adorned with play equipment and a canopy of two dozen linden and other trees.



Religious facilities


Meridiana Slavonica boasts a rich history. An array of religious facilities dating from medieval times onwards is a part of that legacy. The local residents make great efforts to foster their heritage, as evidenced by the numerous preserved religious facilities, some of which are in excellent condition. If you prefer religious tourism, you can’t go wrong with this region where many religious celebrations take place throughout the year. The most notable are:

  • February/March/April Stations of the Cross, Stari Slatinik – devotion of the Stations of the Cross before Easter
  • February/March/April Stations of the Cross, Stara Kapela – devotion of the Stations of the Cross before Easter
  • July Celebration of laying down the Footsteps of St. Martin – marking the anniversary of laying down the Footsteps of St. Martin, which placed the village of Lovčić on the Council of Europe European Cultural Itinerary entitled St. Martin, European, symbol of sharing and shared value
  • 14 August Shrine of Our Lady of Kloštar, Slavonski Kobaš – celebration on the eve of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • 7 September Gospino Polje, Bili Brig – celebration on the eve of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Gold embroidery


The art of gold embroidery has a long history as Slavonian folk costumes and numerous other objects were bedecked with various gold embroidery motifs. This custom has survived to this day and authentic souvenirs adorned with gold embroidery will make a perfect keepsake or present for your loved ones, business partners, etc. After all, buying an original local souvenir is a must when visiting any destination.


Stations of the Cross


Some of the most fascinating features of the Meridiana Slavonica region are the Stations of the Cross in Stari Slatinik. These emerged in the middle of the Obrijež forest on the initiative of the local populace. Today it is a valuable and interesting religious attraction in which investments are constantly made in order to increase visitor appeal. A sign has recently been put up with various verses encouraging the preservation of forests.

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