Local products

Local products are the engine of our community, because they enrich the offer and contribute to the variety for visitors.

OPG Prpić

The distillery within OPG Prpić is a family business that produces domestic plum brandy, which is made in the traditional way from local plums collected at OPG. During the season of picking plums and roasting brandy, anyone interested can visit OPG Prpić and see what the whole process looks like.


DankoR destillates

DankoR distillates also prove that Slavonia is a treasure trove of good distillates. Year after year, they create masterpieces of various flavors: šljivovica, viljamovka, travarica, medovača, kruškovac, višnjevac, chocolate liqueur. You will find the real original, Slavonian, made with a lot of love at DankoR distillate.


Homemade craft Dudrak

Dudrak domestic craft offers beautiful items made of gold embroidery, wood and other materials. The items leave you breathless, and handwork is woven into every souvenir. If you want to bring a real original product from Slavonia, Dudrak is the right place for you.

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