Local Restaurants

Local restaurants are places where you can try various authentic dishes from the cuisine of our region.

Stupnički dvori

The restaurant in the hotel Stupnički dvori is located in a vineyard oasis, surrounded by greenery, with beautiful views. In addition to being of top quality, the ingredients used to prepare dishes in the restaurant are of indigenous origin. Dishes prepared with extreme care and love, you will be happy to try and ask for more.


Ribarska kuća

The Ribarska kuća restaurant is the perfect place if you want fine local fish. The chefs prepare it with special care and love, and you can enjoy various versions of preparing different types of fish and the famous fish stew! If you still prefer classic and more famous dishes, Ribarska kuća is here for you.



As the name suggests, Bonaca is a place that will provide you with peace and tranquility while you enjoy delicious bites of top-quality dishes, prepared with exceptional care. The friendly hosts will show you why this particular restaurant is the ideal choice to refresh yourself and make you want to come back.



Rustik is a place where you can taste traditional delicacies combined with modern elements – here you can enjoy a beautiful rustic ambience that will bring out all the benefits of food preparation even more vividly. On the menu you can find various specialties made from local ingredients.



If you are thinking about what you would eat and who you would visit, Bonsai is the ideal place for you – a combination of tradition and modern in one place, many years of experience in preparing the best dishes and love for what is done has paid off. We guarantee that you will not make a mistake by going to Bonsai!


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