Map Četiri kapelice


Četiri kapelice walking and cycling trail is 6.8 km long.

The sites along the trail, after which it was named, are as follows: Chapel of St. Anne, Chapel of St. Clare, Chapel of St. Vincent, Chapel of St. Nicholas.

The trail is lined with hotels, restaurants, wineries, a lookout, a rest spot and many other amenities.


Stara Kapela Eco-Folk Village

Stara Kapela Eco-Folk Village walking and cycling trail is 7.9 km long.

The sites along the trail are as follows: Čardak, Grašica, Brdo Pijane Marije, Biluš etc.

The trail is lined with accommodation units, lookouts, rest spots, a folklore collection and many other amenities.


Hiking trail – Oriovac – Kasonjski Vrh (Peak)


The Oriovac – Kasonjski Vrh hiking trail is 3.4 km long.

It starts in Oriovac and has an elevation of 353 m.

In the area leading up the trail entrance, there is a fast food restaurant, a petrol station, a park, the Turkish drinking fountain and many other amenities.

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