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Meridiana Slavonica is geographically diverse, yet homogenous in its goals. Here you can taste wines that have received awards from local, national and even global wine experts. Grapes thrive in this climate because it grows on sun- and rain-soaked hills. The climate is well-suited for wine growing, which is something that had been recognised by local winemakers who have confidently and skilfully ventured into wine production. We invite you to visit us and try the wines of Meridiana Slavonica, which are well worth the trip.

OPG Majer

web: | tel.: 098/418-783, 091/600-6592 | e-mail:

OPG Novak Dražen

tel.: 098/431-732 | e-mail:

Vina Čaldarević

fb: Vina Čaldarević | tel.: 099/441-6871 | e-mail:;

OPG Aladrović

tel.: 097/766-2102 | e-mail:

Vina Grozdanović

fb: Vina Grozdanović | tel.: 099/440-0568 | email:

Vina Jakob

web: Vina Jakob | tel.: 098/251-274 | e-mail:

Vino-voće Vinković

tel.: 098/439-153 | e-mail:

Vinarija Jurković

fb: Vinograd i Podrum Jurković | tel.: 091/505-9073 | e-mail:

Galić d.o.o.

web: Stupnički Dvori | tel.: 091/440-0561 | e-mail:

OPG Vučković

Facebook: Vina OPG Vučković  | e-mail:

OPG Kvesić Zdenko

tel.: +385 91 608 8833 | e-mail:

Gastro offer


Stupnički dvori

Located in a vineyard oasis, surrounded by verdancy and offering stunning vistas, is the Stupnički Dvori hotel restaurant. The ingredients used to prepare the meals here are not only top-notch, but also locally sourced. The hotel strives for self-sustainability, which is why most of the food on your plate is grown in the hotel garden. You will gladly try the dishes, which are prepared with meticulous care and attention to detail, and are bound to ask for more.

Vinogradska cesta 65, Brodski Stupnik
Tel.: +385 91 1 440 0561
Web: Stupnički Dvori


Ribarska kuća

If you’re craving delectable local fish, then the Ribarska Kuća restaurant is the perfect place for you. You can enjoy a variety of fish, such as carp, catfish, sander or trout, which are prepared carefully and lovingly by the cooks in a myriad ways, as well as the renowned fisherman’s soup! If you prefer classic and more familiar dishes, Ribarska Kuća has got you covered. We invite you to experience their reputed quality for yourself.


Petra Zrinskog bb, Brodski Stupnik
Tel.: +385 95 382 0681
Web: Ribarska Kuća


Restoran Bonsai


If you’re on the fence about what to eat and where to go, Bonsai is just the place for you. A blend of tradition and modernity in one place, coupled with years of experience in preparing the best dishes and loving what they do, has yielded outstanding results. We guarantee that you won’t regret visiting Bonsai and that you will leave with a full belly, satisfied and eager to return as soon as possible.


Ilije Martinovića 33, Stari Slatinik
Tel.: +385 35 425 469
Web: Restoran Bonsai




As the name suggests, Bonaca (meaning: calm sea) offers peace and quiet while you relish the mouth-watering slices of pizza that have just been taken out of the wood-fired oven. The cosy atmosphere will add some flavour to your meal and in addition to pizza, you can also enjoy other carefully prepared dishes. The courteous hosts will show you why this restaurant is the perfect place for refreshment that invites a hasty return.

Vladimira Nazora 61, Lužani
Tel.: +385 35 436 825
Web: Buffet Pizzeria Bonaca




Rustik is a place where you can sample traditional delicacies combined with modern elements. Here you can enjoy the wonderful rustic ambience that paints a vivid picture of the food prepared. The menu offers wok dishes, tortillas and hefty meat and fish platters.

Lokacija: Ulica braće Radić 43, Oriovac
Tel.: +385 95 395 3575
Facebook: Restoran Rustik
Instagram: restoran_rustik
TikTok: restoran_rustik


Food bar Kum


Kum bar meets all the expectations of fast food aficionados. The amazing recipes of fast food connoisseurs won’t disappoint you. We invite you to find out for yourself how gastro know-how and experience are transformed into morsels that leave a memorable aftertaste.

Ulica Mate Gabrića 11, Oriovac
Tel.: +385 99 199 4919
Fb: Food Bar Kum

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